Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar

On my home from work
I snapped this photo
This is pretty much what I saw
I have amazing eyes you see
I am like the Predator
But way cooler
With hairyer hair

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

On the street so... You took that with your phone camera
It is great and rather frightening

You know, I was so jealous because of your beautiful picture made with your phione, I bought one and it was so difficult to me to use it and more, in fact I don't need it because I'm often at home, so i gave it to the fianc"é of my daughter (I say "fiancé" because Tim use to say so... Eheheh !)

God of Roads said...

In Response to your blog comment.

You like the name as is? then the name stays!

I hope to keep updating the loop with random videos I like, but eventually with substance. Hopefully.

God of Roads said...

Shooot I forgot. I also love your dad quote think on the page. Thats GREAT. I may use that site to put something on my page.

Ashley said...

I would like to spend at least 30 minutes talking with you one day. You amuse me. I always smile after visiting your blog!

Cergie said...

San Nakji, dear friend having the head topsy-turvy :

I tagged you today.
You said once that we can ask ALL we went to you...

rubyslipperlady said...


Oricon Ailin said...

Quite a funky depiction of your street! Love the crazy colors!

black feline said...

your iluminating eyes are so