Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am really enjoying my camera phone
The photos are terrible
But the convenience is great
I should really
Get back to my nice camera
But I am too lazy
Check out!
It's great for photoshopping online!

It's cold

San Nakji for President!


God of Roads said...

Well its ridiculously hot here so be Thankful. And cold? What is it like 50 degrees gets down to the teens (F) around here, with snow everywhere. SO BE THANKFUL.

Yeah man harry Potter music is an entire subgenre of music.
Thats the most famous group. I like it, but you know...the sickness.


black feline said...

i love the first shot...the blueish spark..i have a was taken from your house?

San Nakji said...

@BF no, much closer to the office. I live amongst trees, not buildings

Ashley said...

mas pictures, por favor....

Brotha Buck said...

San Nakji! Long time,! Enjoy the phone,and post some cool pics, too. Sure you will.

God of Roads said...

And as For Sirius. Sirius Was great. And Gary Oldman was awesome as him. It saddened me when he croaked. :(