Sunday, August 05, 2007

Korean Dragons

Korean dragons are cool
They are really big
Which is important for a dragon
They are long and wormy
Which is important for an Asian dragon
They have a problem though
Have you noticed it?
Yup, they are made of straw
Hard if you breathe fire...

San Nakji for President!


David Cho said...

Hey, that is pretty cool.

God of Roads said...

WOW is that cool. Man. That IS STRAW?!?! Even BETTER. I wish I could make a dragon out of straw...well I think I just wish I could make a dragon.

I think Facebook may be influencing you in ways that are unhealthy. Step away from the compu...OHH A new Facebook comment, better check that. Be right back....Oh good ole facebook. What was I talking about again?

That check better clear...and my friend is in the boondocks of New York (state) visiting his girlfriend (Ohh thats what I was talking about) for a long period of time. They seem to lack internet as he hasn't contacted me even after I invited him to co-author on the site.

rubyslipperlady said...

dang the luck. A good lookin' dragon like that and can't even sneeze incase he burns himself up.

Oricon Ailin said...

Now THAT is wicked cool!!! I love it!! I want one, but knowing me, something would set it on fire and it would burn down the neighborhood or something. hehehe

black feline said...

tell u what...there is a big dragon mart here...the building really in the shape of a dragon from the outside...a joint effort by the chinese government and the local authority..i think..will make a field trip

Cergie said...

Korean sky seems beautifully blue...

(It is not the case in china...)