Monday, August 27, 2007

Would you fancy a...?

I saw this bird in the water
I wanted to catch her fishing
But she flew away instead
I had wished for nicer weather
And light
But you get what you get
Here in Aotearoa

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

Ahoy, San Nakji!. Just stopping by to say hello.

Oricon Ailin said...

Nice little video. I like the colouring in the bird. She sure is pretty.

Maybe she is a goose or something. It's hard to tell. But, then again, that is the ocean she is sitting in, right?

Do geese like ocean water? I don't know. Hmmmm, things to ponder.

Cergie said...

It is funny how this bird was flying like a ship just at the right place at the right side of the harbour buoy !
You were lucky to manage to catch her as well...

black feline said...

i think doing video is tougher than taking photo..lots of patience needed