Tuesday, July 05, 2005

G8 is Coming Up

G8 is coming and everyone has their own ideas and wishes for what they think should happen. Personally I think that ever people choose to believe, when it comes down to it each nation in the G8 cares only about itself. I am sure they feel sorry for Africa, but if it means giving up anything, then I am sure they are not for that…

Let’s face it, G8 is a rich boys’ club. Poor people and non-white people need not apply. How did Japan get in then? Maybe G8 has the same policy as Apartheid South Africa. They classed Japanese people as ‘White’ because they had money… wasn’t that nice?

Well, if I were to hope for anything it would be this.

1) Get off your arses and agree that climate change is a problem and that we should all do something. While this is directed mainly at Mr Bush, it seems like the other nations involved in the G8 are all about talk. Action is required.

2) Sort out Africa. How you would do this is beyond me. Get rid of Mugabe would be a good start. If military action or a quick assassination attempt is out of the question. Offer the guy 10 million dollars and a home in Hawaii. Get him out of Africa and let the poor people of Zimbabwe get on with things. You could also provide drugs for HIV and AIDS. That would certainly help.

3) Pay San Nakji’s Mortgage

4) Stop condemning some regimes while condoning others. It has to be all or nothing. How can people criticise China, yet at the same time hang out with the Saudis and the Uzbekis? This may be hard as Russia a member of the G8 is led by one of the biggest bullies of them all…

Well, that’s it G8. If you can’t manage all of them, then at the very least sort out No.3 ! Out of those things, I think Climate Change is the biggest worry for San Nakji. I really hope they sort it out.

San Nakji for President!


Oricon Ailin said...

Well, I'll add one more item to the agenda.

Can the G8 PLEASE help pay off my debt so that I can live easier!? ehehe

San Nakji said...

Well, they can't do everything you know!