Friday, July 29, 2005

Post #100

I should have some kind of party. San Nakji's World has survived 100 posts! A quick scan around the blogging world will show that most blogs just never get off the ground. One or two posts and then that's it. I particularly hate the blogs that really have something to say, or did in 2003 when they last posted... Sometimes I wonder what happened to those people? Are they dead, is that why they can't post? Maybe they had to sell their computer to pay for their crack habit? Maybe their one great post was about all they had to say and now that is done why spoil it with a poor follow-up? Maybe they are just lazy...
But not for San Nakji, my viewing public. San Nakji keeps writing and writing, mostly with nothing to say, but every once in a while finding something which is deemed by you, my kind reader, to be worth commenting about... Usually the cute animal pictures and the Harry Potter posts rather than the times when I try to provide real content, but there you go. This is the reality TV era after all!
Looking back to where it all started, I can see a lot was planned for this blog, but not everything has panned out. I am sure others with blogs will have found the same thing. You have a plan for your blog, but it kind of takes on a life of its' own. It is driven by feedback from the blog community and by what interests the blogger at the time.
Things that will always be on this blog will be... Korea, Different Countries, Injustice and Cute Animal Pictures... Anything else seen here is purely coincidental! Much like that lapse into the female world with the Sylvia Plath thing, probably won't happen again!
Thanks for reading, I plan to be all things to all people, so keep coming back y'all.. (must have been a Texan in a previous life??)

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

congrats on your 100th post!
your blog has a good mix of thoughtful posts, ramblings, cute animal pics(though that sea dragon is rather creepy).keep blogging~

San Nakji said...

Thanks Minty, you are first to comment on my 100th post! Creepy? Surely not!

flowerful said...

Congratulation! Keep on writing so that I can enjoy your post on and on.

San Nakji said...

감사합니다 ;)

minty clorets said...

감사합니다? speak engrish, darn it!
xie xie!

Oricon Ailin said...

Yeehaw!!! Congrats SN!! I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week...check my blog to find out why.

Now, as for all your stuff here, I love to read it all. I like your stuff about countries and politics and such. I admit though, I don't normally comment on political things. One reason, because I'm not really good at understand politics and two, because I don't like to argue about things.

But, I very much look forward to ALL your entries! Keep up the great work!


San Nakji said...

Thanks everyone. Ori, on a Blog you talk about what you know. I talk about this stuff because it is what I know, I suppose. I enjoy your blog for being different.
IEB... This blog is all about all the languages of the world! Feel free to comment in whatever language you want! 謝謝!

minty clorets said...

neat, then we should talk about bushmen language! click click ;b
wish I had studied chinese a bit more while in college..

San Nakji said...

Works for me. You start the conversation and I will get in on it!