Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekly Animal Picture

This seems to becoming a weekly event with San Nakji's World. This week's photo is of my favourite New Zealand bird. It is called a Tui and a couple of them live in my back yard. The song is something to hear, so if you ever get the chance you should definitely listen. It is really hard to explain.
There is a Maori legend that goes like this. Tane, god of the forests, gathered the birds of Aotearoa around him and asked for a volunteer to rid the forests of the enormous insect problem. The insects were eating everything on the ground and ruining the delicate balance of nature. He warned that whoever volunteered would have to give us his ability to fly and would have to lose his colours so that he blend in with the forest floor. He would also have to give up the daylight and become nocturnal so that he could surprise the insects. Tane asked Tui to do this. Tui refused. He loved to fly from tree to tree showing off his beautiful colours in the sunlight, he could not possibly give that up. Tane was angry and punished him for his vanity. From that day on Tui was forced to wear white feathers at his throat showing him to be a coward who turned his back on his land when it needed him the most.
Kiwi alone volunteered and was sent to the forest floor to live the rest of his days. For his bravery Tane made him the national symbol of Aotearoa and he continues this day to be the most revered of all New Zealand birds...

I still like Tui though!

San Nakji for President!

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