Monday, October 17, 2005

Weird Tag

How do I answer this one from Seoul Brother without throwing away my cold hard squid like exterior? SB has tagged me and Space Nakji with the following,

What Movie Scenes Always Make you Cry (Or would if you were a big crying crier)

The Green Mile - When the big guy (can't remember his name) gets the chair

Karate Kid 3 - The start when I learn that Kumiko is not going to be in the film

Love Actually (My all time favourite film at the moment) - When that guy who played Bridget Jones' boyfriend asks that Portuguese girl to marry him, how romantic

ET - When the damn thing dies

Whale Rider - I don't remember when, but somewhere in that film there is a scene where some people may want to cry

Karate Kid 4 - When I found out Daniel San was replaced. The old team of Miyagi and Daniel cannot be broken up *sob*

Platoon - The village scene, yuck!

What TV Scenes Always Make you Choke Up

M*A*S*H - Various scenes, but the worst was when Henry Blake died

2) Sport - Does this count? When I watch my teams on TV, I usually get depressed, especially when Reggie Miller retired without winning a title, the New Zealand Warriors lost the Grand Final and QPR were relegated from the Premier League

The Office - When Brent tried to beg for his job back

Blakes 7 - The end when Avon was finally killed

5) Survivor All Stars - When that damn Boston Rob made the final two. I hate him!

Well there's some to go with.

I tag Ori, Minty, Deepa, KS and Sewing. Anyone else let me know and I am sure I can invite you too!

San Nakji for President!


Oricon Ailin said...

oooh...I like most of those movies. I like M.A.S.H. too. Good show.

I've answered your tag on my bloggie too.

Hope you are having a nice day over there, my friend!

minty clorets said...

oui, this is gonna be a toughy..
I'll have to really think about this one..

The Archivist said...

I'm gonna have to think.

Sewing said...

That scene in Whale Rider you're thinking of must be the one when the protagonist rides away on the one of the beached whales, and everyone in the community assumes she's gone (after half the community had already written her off for being a woman attempting to assume what had traditionally been a man's role)...then she comes back!

Or something like that.

Gasoline Hobo said...


thanks for ruining it for me, man. next thing you'll tell me is something crazy like darth vader is luke's father or something. sheesh!


kimcheemonster said...

Karate kid 3. Yah, i cried, too. But only after I found out ralph Macchio was 47 years old.

San Nakji said...

Only 47?