Thursday, October 20, 2005

On My List

There are a number of people on my real list, which is a place you wouldn't want to be... A much more favourable list can be found to the right of my blog under all the rubbish about movies and books and whatever. In my time, I have surfed through quite a few blogs. You could say I am a blog slut. However as I get older I am trying to cut down and stay faithful to just the barest amount of blogs... On suggestion of Kira's Slave I will now talk a bit about each of the blogs, why they are on my prestigious list and what's with the description after each one...

Korean Blog List - Way back when, I wanted my blog to be about one of my favourite places in the world, Korea. As I go on, I find it harder and harder to talk about a place I am not in at the moment... There are better blogs than my own for this, as you will see.

Oriconailin - The Net's Nicest Person! - The first person to ever comment on my blog (apart from a very annoying sibling) was Ori. She has always been very good with her comments on my blog and I really appreciate it. I always enjoy hearing others' take on my thoughts. Her blog is perhaps not for everyone, but I love reading it as I know her pretty well and like to keep in touch with what's going on in her life. As with everyone on my list, Ori has San Nakji's personal seal of protection, so rather than going over to her blog to bother her, come here and bore me with your abuse. Ori is a very good friend.

Follow that Mouse - Posts with a conscience - Mouse is from the UK and blogs about things that are important to him. His politics are probably similar to mine and I love reading the things he posts, and man does he post! His blogs are always filled with pictures and I followed this idea by filling mine with pictures too. I always find out something new when I read his blog and I believe he has a strong sense of what is good and just.

Space Nakji - San Nakji envys her writing ability! - Space has a great way with her words. I always look forward to seeing her posts, she is a really great writer. I could blog for a thousand years and would never have the ability that she has to write, I can only look on with envy. Space has given me a lot of advice and I have learned a lot from her. I appreciate it a lot.

These were the first four blogs I linked to, they are the chosen few! However some others have been luck to have been touched also...

Ganesh and Gandhi - Interesting India - Nick blog interested me as he wrote about India, a place I would love to go to. He is also learning Hindi and I am interested in how he is going with that. The problem with Nick is that his last post was over a month ago. I am desperately waiting for a new post, but nothing is happening.... If you read this Nick, please post again!

Minty's Corner - Draws a mean cartoon - I like Minty's blog, although he doesn't post nearly enough for my liking! He is a hell of a drawer, another skill that I far from possess. Now that he has moved to California and looks more or less set up. I think we may be blessed with more drawings from him. His non drawing posts are good too.

Sciubi - One line blogging - Sciubi is a friend of mine from this part of the world. He has neglected his blog recently... hint, update! I like his single line style, a lot different for my chronic over usage of the language...

Random Squared - Weird... Should I get it? - Another friend, well colleague really who after reading my blog thought he would write the anti-blog. He seems to have started out with no idea what he was doing and has pretty much run out of ideas by the lack of blogging going on over there!

Macro - Cool bug photos - Rachel has yet another skill in the field of fine art that I fail to be able to possess.... She is one great photographer. Her closeups of insects and their friends are amazing, beautiful even. She is also a hard working mum, yes I spell it with a 'u' get over it!

My Life, My Rules! - An Indian view from India - Deepa comes from south India and is a post grad student of Journalism. The thing that attracted me to her blog were her vivid descriptions of places in India and the people she has met. I really feel she will make a great journalist and in the mean time I will enjoy her postings.

21st-Century Seonbi - Want to learn Korean? - Now, Sewing, why the hell is he Sewing? I have no idea. Sewing has a great plan. It is to teach Korean while at the same time learning it by blogging. His lessons aren't for beginners, but if you have any knowledge of Korean then his blog is always a good look. However I seem to have come to his blog at a bad time, he hasn't updated for quite a while, no matter how much I bother him. As many of you know, I am not particularly patient...

Far Far Away - What makes Koreans tick? - Flowerful is a Korean. In Blogspot land there are very few Koreans. One reason for this could be that the Korean government has been known to shut down blogger at their end every once in a while... Another could be that being the super wired up country they are, they hardly need foreign blog sites with such limited technology. I like the fact that Flowerful is blogging in a language which is not her first and I think she does very well.

Kushibo-e Kibun - Disagrees with my Romanisation ;o) - Kushibo's first comment to me was that I had romanised some Korean words not to his liking. Yup, rather than comment on what I had written he chose to focus on that. He can be like that sometimes. Still, he is in Korea and he gives yet another view on what is going on over there. He seems very no nonsense to me, but he insists that is not the case. To prove it, I believe he runs a Simpsons website or something like that...

Only Almost Here - Watch where you click! - Kira's Slave or KS to lazy people like myself is a good friend of Ori. I found his blog through hers. He is yet another aspiring writer, although his subject of choice, erotica, is not really my thing. He is quite young and I enjoy reading his blog seeing how he is finding his way in this crazy world of ours. I say you should watch where you click as there are some scantily clad women links to be found on his blog... Oh yeah, the whole description of blogs was stolen from him! Thanks KS

In My Not-so-humble Opinion - A clued up teenager - I found this blog quite by accident, just by clicking that button at the top of blogger that says 'next blog'. I am quite impressed by his style considering how young he is. Definitely someone to keep track of for the future.

Brotha Buck - Are there too many Texans on this blog list? - Sorry Brother Buck, not a very interesing tag to your name! Again, I found this guy through Ori's blog. He is from Texas too, that makes two on my list... He is a pretty funny writer and even better a cartoonist / illustrator. He is also the most popular blog I link to, he has about 20 or so comments per post. Wow! I think he may be worried that I linked to him also...

Gasoline Hobo - A good read and a promise to update - I thought for ages that GH and Space Nakji were related. They have a very similar style and a scarily similar sense of humour. It turns out that they are not related, just married... nah, just kidding. Old school friends! GH's posts are great, don't always make sense, but always make me laugh. I hope that book thing is serious, I suggest you all help GH out and buy a copy of his book when it comes out. When's it coming out?

Seoul Brother - running out of comments... - I found SB through Space's blog. He doesn't use blogger, some other kind of thing, which I can't remember right now. I apologise for my comment for him, got lazy, more lazy than normal, when I got that far. He reminds me of a Seoul Brother I once knew in Korea, but that's another story. I owe him a good kicking on the Madden football game of his choice...

Well, that's it. I try to read each and every one of these blogs at least once a day during the week. Not all of you update and I can tend to get annoying if you don't. If you are going away, just tell me and I will leave you alone! It's quite easy.

Thanks for all your varied blogs, even though this tiny country at the bottom of the world is quite far away from everywhere (except millions of penguins) I feel closer to civilisation thanks to y'all. Well, some of you anyway... some of you make me thankful that I am far away!!! ;o)

San Nakji for President!


Deepa said...

gee! thanks for the vote of confidence! if n when i become famous, i sure will have u, blogging and blogsphere to thank for!

Oricon Ailin said...

Awww, thank you San Nakji for saying something so nice about me.

So I have your seal of protection? Awesome!! *smiles*

*hugs* for you dude. You know I appreciate all you do for me.

The Archivist said...


Well, check back in November. There should be at least one post per day of a long story and most likely it won't be erotica. In fact, given the plotline I'm planning, erotica probably won't appear.

Gasoline Hobo said...

Alright! Obfuscation is my goal in life. Oh, and Space and I WERE married, back in the 60's. She was too much woman for me, though. Plus, I couldn't take all the zombies that were always hangin' around while she was getting her degree in zombiology. Remember, kids: Zombies don't just eat your brains. They're also filthy homewreckers.

Kushibo said...

Are we all obliged to say thanks for mentioning us on your list?

Well, thanks. Although I was hoping for something like "as deep as the Mariana Trench."

Anyway, you really should change the romanization to San Nakchi, but then I would have to tell Space Nakji to do the same, and she scares me sometimes.

(Ahem: The above is entirely tongue-in-cheek, except for the "thanks" part.)

Sewing said...

Hi, San Nakji:

Thank you very much for mentioning my blog—as unimpressively unupdated as it's become recently!

I'm honestly very flattered and honoured that you would think to include me in your personal list.

Anyhow, a new post is up...I basically have rethink the whole blog, because I do want to keep it going, but it's obviously unsustainable in its current form if I can't find the time or energy to maintain it.

Anyhow, I responded to your tag (finally) at the tail end of the current post....

SeoulBrother said...

"Seoul Brother - running out of comments... I apologise for my comment for him, got lazy, more lazy than normal, when I got that far."

That's actually one of my powers. The ability to induce laziness. That's why you can't beat me in Madden.