Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekly Animal Pic - Emperor Penguin

This is a pretty cool pic. These enormous penguins live in their millions down there on the Antarctic. I heard there is a movie going around in the US at the moment about penguins. Apparently hard core right wingers are saying it proves 'family values' are natural.... Hey guys, they are just funny looking birds!

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

/rant mode on
Well, it isn't just hard core repuglicans who are against gay marriage ,many Americans in general aren't thrilled with gay marriage or gays. To them, gay marriage somehow violates sanctity of marriage..err yeah that's why we have 50% divorce rate, 40% infidelity rate, etc among hetrosexual married couples. But as you note it's usally the republicans, not just the diehard ones, who are most vocal about the "evils" of gay marriage.
Yes siree, these are the same folks who have nothing against executing people despite the fact that the 10 commandments spell out "thou shalt not kill". Yeah yeah some say that should be really interpret as one shall not murder which is really different from killing someone, the usual old testament vs new testament nonsense..hey two wrongs don't make a right..wait it does!
If they're going to use the bible as a source to prove so called evils of gay marriage, then why not use the same book to justify slavery? I mean
according to the great novel, it does say slavery is ok and define marriage as a union between a man and a woman..
Despite my views on religion in general, I don't dislike religious folks and think religion can be a good thing for some people. What I can't stand is these so called religious folks who try to trumpet their cause by insinuating they're somehow morally "superior" than skeptics and no-believers because they believe in the all mighty GOD and selectively picking and choosing phrases from the bible to further their political agendas../rant mode off
Aww those penginus are cute!
Yeah that pengiun movie was a sleeper hit here in the states. And guess what? the movie was shot by a frenchie! ahh freedome fries, freedom toast...god bless America!!

Oricon Ailin said...

minty...please don't take offense.

I am a Republican, and I am a very spiritual and religious person. Just ask San Nakji. He'll tell ya. thing I do NOT do is pick Bible verses to further my political agendy. Nor, do I take badly about homosexual people. Nor do I judge. It's not my place. And I will not tell you it is in the Bible to say that it is okay for us to judge. I believe that is something God will do for each of us.

So, please, try not to generalize and say that all those things you mentioned are the case with all Republicans and religious right wingers. I may be R, but, I am moderate, and I look at each issue as it needs to be looked at. Just because I am a right winger doesn't mean I agree with all the crazy things they do. And yes, there are some crazy fanatics out there that just don't get it. They think they know it all and that they are right and screw everyone else.

But, I assure you. I am none of those things. I am kind and friendly to others and I don't judge. *HUGS* I like to keep peace. *more hugs* (And in case you didn't notice, I like hugs too.)

I have yet to see the Penguin movie. I want to, it looks really good! I just think they are incredible animals.

AWESOME pic there San Nakji! I don't see any "creepy face of doom" stuff going on here...can that be possible???? *winks*

minty clorets said...

Oricon wrote "So, please, try not to generalize and say that all those things you mentioned are the case with all Republicans and religious right wingers."
Dear Oricon,
My criticism was mostly leveled at self-righteous hypocritical republicans and bible thumping religious zealots. I never tried to insinuate all republicans are like that.
Nowhere in my post did I state all republicans are homophobics, religious zealots, etc. Since I wasn't criticizing every republicans nor did I lump the whole group as homophobics, religious zealots, self-righteous hypocrites, I'm not entirely sure the point of your post except to reaffirm that you're a nice person, something san nakji and even a cold-hearted nonbeliever like myself knows. If you were offended by my first post, sorry to hear that as my initial post was never intended to criticize you nor any other fair-minded people.

The Archivist said...

Gay, lesbians and bisexuals are good people. I know quite a few of them and they're normal people, just like anyone else.

They just love their own gender. Where's the harm in that?

Oricon Ailin said...

Dear Minty,

Oh dear, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to say I was offended by you. That wasn't the case. Heck if you had offended me, I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to even type anything. hehehe

No no, I wasn't offended. I just tend to stick up for moderate R's, because we get lumped all the time into the crazy ultra conservatives, when in fact, that is NOT what we want. *smiles*

I do sincerely apologize to you if you think I was mean or anything. I wouldn't have done anything to offend you.

And, I apologize to San Nakji, for having caused this little debate to occur here, even when he didn't ask for it.

So, *happy hand shakes* for Minty. No offense taken on my part, and I hope none on yours. I was just on a Benedryl induced hype, and started mouthing off.

Blessings and peace for each of you!!


San Nakji said...

Wow, that was great! I loved the discussion between you two guys (with KS thrown in for good measure!). I will not tolerate abuse of anyone on my blog list here, but I don't think Minty was having a go at Ori. Ori represents the good things that Replubicans can be, the freaks who are keen on the penguins and their lessons from god are the bad things... Please don't apoligise to me!