Monday, June 11, 2012


Acrimonious, angry and bitter. Not really emotions I have much time for in my life. I don't really get angry, more sad and disappointed and hurt. I guess some people have the capacity to explode and let the world know what pissing them off and what really gets their blood boiling, but not me. Maybe I'm like a volcano and one day it will all just come out?

Anger scares me to be quite honest. Angry people seem to have little self control and when their anger spills out I like to make a run for it. I am very sensitive to the moods of people and I hate to see people angry and people sad. At least with sad I can try to help. Anger is not something I can really deal with.

I've told this story before, but years ago when I lived in Korea, I was on a bus riding somewhere and the bus stopped to pick up some passengers. There was a car blocking the bus stop, so the bus driver yelled out the door for the guy to move. Instead of apologising, the driver leaped aboard the bus brandishing a tyre iron and made to strike the bus driver. They yelled at each other and the driver kept daring the man to hit him. I couldn't stand this happening so I walked to the front of the bus (I actually walked... everything was in slow motion) and told the man to get off the bus. Much to my surprise he did and we were on our way again... The anger of those two men was truly terrifying, but I stood up to it.

Anger leads to stupid things.

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Cergie said...

Don't you even feel sometime a little bit... grouchy ?