Saturday, June 16, 2012

The King and the Bush

Once upon a time there was a canine Jeremy he wasn't wise and good king but very ugly. He wanted to want to watch a older women in the Kingdom were very scared all of his ugly face. Finally Jeremy just wanted to marry a tree's trees did not care how he looked. He found a lovely Rhododendron bush and they were happily married. After three years of trying Bayhead hello my lovely children and 16 roses. The people of the kingdom was scared and they will lift in a hurry. Jeremy didn't care as he had his Rhododendron bush and his children. And they lived happily ever asked up until winter when his wife going.

The end.

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Location:Auckland,New Zealand

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Cergie said...

Jeremy n'avait vraiment aucune qualité le pauvre... Mais il a su prendre le bonheur tant qu'il a duré...