Tuesday, June 05, 2012


OJ is what Americans call orange juice. It alway sounds so foreign when I hear it, but nowadays it seems that many people here are starting to call it OJ too. Mayo is another word I never thought I'd hear used here. I guess that's how the language is going. I'm sure there are Americanisms that I use without even thinking about it. The domination of the US in film and tv is something, but the domination of the internet, when it comes to English at least, means it's hard to avoid the influence. This is neither a good or a bad thing; it's just a thing. 

OJ is also the name of that guy that murdered his wife and that other guy or did he? (Yes, he did) I was in the US when the trial was on and I remember all the craziness surrounding it. When I was in Hollywood, there were a lot of guys selling OJ t-shirts on the street. I regret not buying one. I would have looked good in one of those!

There's been this terrible cold which has been affecting a bunch of people in the office during the past week or so. I think I have it today... I was trying to avoid it, but no. That's both annoying and also annoying. Double annoying!


Matt Morelli said...

You know what's good for colds. OJ! Hahahahah! Classic!

Francisca D Herrera said...

LOL @Matt...