Friday, June 01, 2012


I find these days that thinking really taxes my brain. I always wish I'd been one of those empty headed handsome dudes. Things are easy when the most important thing on your mind is the state of your tan and how many hot chicks you are scoring with. People stuck with only their brains for company have it rough in comparison.

I ate lambs brains at the French restaurant across the road a few years ago. I was excited to try a new thing and it was done in a mustard sauce. I LOVE mustard. Sadly, the brains were gross. They tasted like.. well... brains. They'll not sucker me in again with their promises of luscious mustard sauce.

I really loved the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain. I would like to watch that again.

Oh yes, it's the first day of Winter! Brrrrrrr!


Cergie said...

You don't like brain because it tastes like fish...

San Nakji said...

@Cergie Fish is ok! Brain is NOT!