Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Dogs

I'm changing it up a bit today. I have a new iPad and it has speech to text. I told the iPad some stories and here's what it wrote... I even drew a picture to go along with it!

Once upon a time there were three dogs their names with Heidi Jimmy and him both. They had many adventures chasing cats up trees in chasing fish and likes. One day Heidi drank a whole lake. And the other dogs locked at her and she went to hospital. She died and became a ghost they were very sad! Whenever they saw I like again they voice remembered Heidi and was sad. Does party one multi and became a millionaire.

The end.

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Location:Auckland,New Zealand


Cergie said...

It was not your anniversary though, was it ?
Your story and your drawing are nice but I don't like the end ("the end").

Francisca D Herrera said...

I like the artwork. It aptly describes your story I think.