Saturday, June 02, 2012


I know the word "soliloquy" but I didn't really think about its meaning. Essentially it's a inner monologue talked out loud so that others can hear. Sounds like an inconvenience in real life, but obviously serves and important purpose in drama.

Recently I tried being soliloquous. I'm not sure that's a word, but it'll do for now. I talked about my inner thoughts and feelings and left nothing out. It can be tough leaving yourself open like that and it's even tougher when your words precede your thoughts; in other words speaking without thinking it through. I feel that if someone is important enough you shouldn't need to hide how you feel or what you are thinking, but at the same time expressing this correctly is very important. I have not yet learned how to do this. It would be fair to say that one should soliloquy with caution.

For the longest time I didn't get Shakespeare. Then one day I was helping some ESL students (English as a Second Language) with their homework and had to explain Shakespeare. We went through the play line by line. I don't remember the play, but I began to appreciate the words and Shakespeares ability to mould his writing into such vivid colour. Of course, it's still a funny way to speak! But the fact that the English language became so much more interesting thanks to him is enough reason for me to crush on him just a little bit. PLUS he got to get with Gwyneth Paltrow!


Cergie said...

Comme tu es soigneux de protéger ton bureau avec un sous-tasse !

San Nakji said...

@Cergie Bien sûr!