Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today's word was a tough one. I hadn't really any idea what it meant until I looked it up just now. Mexican food! Shallow tortilla cups filled with yummy goodness. Wow, I'm really hungry now! There is this Mexican restaurant in Auckland city called "The Mexican Cafe" and has been there for 30 years. It was always a great treat for me to go there and every time I pass it now, I still get a warm comfortable feeling of somewhere wonderful. I feel that about Mexican food in general although I will freely admit I have never eaten real Mexican food; only what passes for it in non-Mexican countries. One day I hope to get to Mexico, eat wonderful food, meet wonderful people and see wonderful things. I have a soft spot for Mexico despite only having gone to Tijuana which isn't really Mexico. Of course El Salvador is better (right Panchitah?)

 I'm going to the US in less than three months. It'll be great to catch up with friends and maybe just a bit less importantly... Eat food! I have been dieting all year and I have lost a lot of weight. I might put it back on in a week...



Cergie said...

Such a long time and such a lot of weight ????
Incredible ! I cannot imagine that !

San Nakji said...

@Cergie You wait and see :-)