Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I'd like to run away. Not sure where I would go, but I long for adventure and living in a completely different way. I like security and my life now is secure and comfortable. But at times it can be bland and it feels like I have already lived my life and am now stuck in a loop to the end. I'm sure everyone feels like this and so you'll understand why I want to skedaddle!

Skedaddle is a fun word. It seems like a word that was made up and I am a huge fan of made up words. I read somewhere (and I can't be bothered checking now) that Shakespeare made up so many words that are now accepted in everyday English. I admire the power of such a person who can mould the very language I write. Without him and other giants of English literature my language, indeed our language, would be much poorer. We have a million words now! No other language comes close.

I have a headache and my vision is blurry. If I don't die, I'll blog again tomorrow!


Cergie said...

You must eat something now, but not too much for the beginning...

San Nakji said...

I eat sometimes... :)