Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Golden Fish in the Apple

Along time ago there was a golden fish his nine was free. Fred didn't like being a fish he wanted to be human and live in a house on the land. When you try to Will on the beach he found he could not breeze as I had to rush back to the water quickly. He wished with all his might that he could become a human and leave the terrible seat. Poseidon ahead his Priehs and kind to him. Facebook Fred I grungy you wish to become a human go to the beach and breeze for! Fred thanks Poseidon and walk to the beach with his new legs. They're waiting for him was a dog the dog's time was Gunther. The dog took one look at the delicious looking human and I. The golden fish was going to Gunther was satisfied. Tomorrow the story is never to wish your human was delicious looking.

The end

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Cergie said...

On n'est jamais content de ce que l'on a ou est. Cela me rappelle le conte de la petite sirène (the little mermaid) qui s'est très mal terminé pour elle.

Unknown said...

Is that your artwork? I like it! :-)