Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mundane and Exotic

San Nakji is so lazy with his posts these days. I am so into this photography thing that rather than string a few words together, I just seem to post photos. I hope at least some of you like them, but I would like to every once and a while say a few things.
I read quite a few blogs. I read every one that is on my links list and a few more which I choose not to link to as I don't feel they quite meet my standards yet. There are a couple that do meet my 'standards', but I am too lazy to add them. Sorry!
Anyway, my point... It is amazing that while so many people talk about mundane things, their lives, their jobs, their interests, whatever; I am fascinated by it all. While these things may be everyday mundane trials and tribulations, I feel like I am looking into another exotic world.
My friend Deepa, who has a funky eye by the way, lives in India. To start with, that is quite exotic to most. Although there are probably 1 billion people at least for whom India is just where they live. I love reading what she gets up to over there, she is very proud of her country, and while there are many thing quite foreign to me, there are also things there which sound just like home. One thing amazing to me is that she has snakes in her house! Being from a country where there are no snakes (us and Ireland!), most Kiwis wouldn't really be scared of them. I would love to see a snake slithering in my garden, what a great photo that would make!, but the most exotic thing in my garden is our local hedgehog.
I learn things from others. Ori runs her own business. I couldn't even imagine how to go about it, but she does it. While it may seem stressful and tiring to her. It interests the hell out of me. To top it off, she lives in a town called El Paso, a place I only knew for the Mexican food products Old El Paso, but that I know so much more thanks to her. She is also an awesome friend ;o)
I have read great writers, Space Nakji, Gasoline Hobo write in a way I could never even think of emulating. Great drawers, Minty and Brotha Buck, where else could I hope to meet all these talented people?
This is what I love about blogging. It is a great community of people who's only common point is the fact that they blog. The more you blog, the more you are true to who you really are. I feel that there is honesty there which no matter how you try to hide, will always come out in the end.
I love that I have met people from all over the world. Different languages, religions and sexualities. Basically I just love the blog world!
This is not really one of those posts where I list every blog I go to. Please don't feel upset if I missed you. This is just me gushing about blogging and how much I enjoy writing / posting photos myself, but more than that enjoy reading all your blogs.
How upbeat am I tonight huh?

San Nakji for President!


Deepa said...

Hey thanks! Snakes are just one part of my 'exotic' life (the times i have complained about it being boring!)
I totally agree with you about blogging

The Archivist said...

Very nice blog today!

Oricon Ailin said...

Awwww, thank you San Nakji. I'm glad that the things I talk about are interesting for you. *smiles*

Someday you need to come to El Paso!!

roman said...

Wow, San Nakji, this certainly was the most upbeat post I've read in a long time.
Thanks, it was a pleasure reading it.

JLB said...

Well said San Nakji - the blogging world is amazing... I find myself learning about people and cultures from all around the world, connect with writers and artists, and as you pointed out, hear all the crazy details of different peoples' imaginings!

Crystal said...

San, your pictures are great and it's also nice to get some words out of you too! ;-) Totally agree, blogging is a wonderful forum for an exchange of ideas and as a cultural exchange. I learn so much about other people, and about myself. It makes me upbeat when I read a good post by another blogger and I'm sure I'll be blogging for some time to come!