Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gilligan's Gone

I don't get a lot of American culture. The Three Stooges bores the crap out of me, as does Lucille Ball... yawn. But I love Gilligan's Island. I have no idea why, but everytime it is on TV I have to watch it, this despite owning the DVD...

Maybe it was the character of Gilligan himself. Your underdog character that everyone loves. Or maybe it was just the group of characters, especially Mary Ann ;-). Whatever the reason, I really miss Gilligan. He wouldn't have bothered the poor people of the gulf states with feigned pity.

Miss you Gilligan, miss you Bob.

San Nakji for President!

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Oricon Ailin said...

Oh I love Gilligan's Island! hehe It was a fun far fetched as you could possibly make it, but still a lot of fun. Sometimes in life, we just need a few good laughs to get us through the day. *smiles*