Friday, September 23, 2005

Native Birds of Aotearoa - Pukeko

I found some great photos of native birds of Aotearoa (New Zealand). So regular column will be Native Birds of Aotearoa.

The bird above is the Pukeko, sometimes known as the swamp hen. Unlike most native birds here, this one is not endangered. In fact it is one of the few birds that lives side by side with man. On the motor way I take to work everyday you can see them looking for food along the side of the road. Unfortunately this means a fair number end up under cars, but there always seem to be many more. Their long toes enable them to cross easily over marshy ground. They may be able to fly, but like a chicken I have never seen it!

San Nakji for President!


Oricon Ailin said... those are some long legs!! Interesting bird. I love the coloring on it. I don't think we have anything that colorful here where I live.

We have roadrunners. They are funny birds. They will really run across the road, and on the other side, they will fly short little distances. You will never see them fly over the road. They always run across it. (hence the name).

San Nakji said...

Ahh, roadrunners.... Once I would like to see Coyote get that damn bird!