Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekly Animal Pic - Squirrel

I wasn't going to do a squirrel, but this is a hell of a photo! We don't have squirrels here, but when I was in Korea, I used to love going an watching them in Bukhansan national park 북한산 국립공원. They are great little creatures and seem to be on of those animals that is not really concerned with the encroachment of man into nature.

San Nakji for President!


Oricon Ailin said...

We have squirrels here and I think they are adorable. I also like to watch the prarie dogs and the gophers. They are silly little creatures.

Great photo!! It's such a cute and sweet looking creature.

Space Nakji said...

That really is a sweet little squirrel.

Speaking of squirrels, have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet???

minty clorets said...

don't see many squirrelies around san diego..;/ back east, there were tons of those little critters around my fall they get so fat they can hardly climb up the trees hehe..

Cergie said...

Is it a black squirrel ?
It's seems to rather be grey
Perhaps is it an old black one ?

Now i'm going away, i'll let you be quiet !!!
I had a good time, thank you, dear san nakji !