Wednesday, December 14, 2005

China Shoots Peasants

Funny, I thought Kushibo would have picked up on this story. Looks like the Chinese government is turning on its' own people again. The supporters of the revolution this time, the peasants...

(from the BBC)

A number of Chinese intellectuals have written an open letter condemning the shooting of protesters in the south.

Paramilitary police last week opened fire on villagers protesting over the seizure of land for a power plant in Dongzhou, Guangdong province.

The government has said three people were killed while villagers say that up to 20 were shot dead.

The bold letter draws parallels with the violent suppression of protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

The signed letter, posted on the internet, calls on the government to release a list of the names of those who were killed.

It also demands the launch of a special investigation and for journalists to be allowed to report freely on the killings in Dongzhou, near Shanwei.

The statement describes China as a society in crisis, with the rich grabbing what they can from the poor, leading to ever more confrontations.

This open letter is a bold move, especially given that it condemns China's political system and says that without democracy such conflicts cannot be solved peacefully.

Discontent is on the rise with official statistics reporting 74,000 protests last year.

It is a sign that as people gain more understanding of their rights, that knowledge is bringing them into conflict with corrupt local officials and developers.

Of course, no one will do anything about this as the money you can make from China is just too tempting.

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

This is truly a sad thing.

Kushibo said...

As I mentioned on my blog in response to your comment, this is a surprise to anyone how?

Will anybody decide not to buy the Chinese-made CD player at Walmart over this?

San Nakji said...

I don't if that helps? Probably not I guess...

Kushibo said...

Here you go.

Darin said...

"Will anybody decide not to buy the Chinese-made CD player at Walmart over this?"
Well, yes and no.
I challenge you to find anything in my apartment made in China. Technically I didn't decide not to buy Chinese products because of this, as I had decided long ago.
I will tell you right now what is in my apartment that is made in China. my Apple PowerBook. That's it. To my defense however, the last time I bought an Apple product it was made in Taiwan; I was very disappointed when I received my PowerBook and found out it was made in China. Because it was a special order, Apple wouldn't let me return in; yes, I honestly did try to return it and told them my reason when asked.