Monday, December 26, 2005

Not the Donuts.... Nooooo!

Israel's portly prime minister has advised fellow Jews celebrating Hanukkah to go easy on festive potato pancakes and doughnuts.

Ariel Sharon is back at work after suffering a mild stroke a week ago and has been urged to lose weight by US President George W Bush among others.

"You have permission to eat... but I recommend you don't overdo it," he said at the start of a cabinet meeting.

Mr Sharon's exact weight appears to be a closely guarded state secret.

Cabinet ministers laughed on Sunday when he offered his tip for the eight-day festival, which commemorates an ancient Jewish victory over foreign conquerors.

The day before Mr Sharon was admitted to hospital, he was reportedly seen feasting on kebabs, steaks in sauce, lamb ribs, salads and various cakes.

A journalist with Israel's Maariv newspaper described it as "a typical Sharon menu".

The prime minister's armoured convoy also reportedly made regular stops for fast food in the past.

Mr Sharon, 77, apparently likes to joke that his security services have not found an armoured vest large enough for his girth.

(From the Beeb)

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

Poor man.

Darin said...

Say San Nakji... just out of curiosity, why to you close all your posts with "San Nakji for President!"? Your in NZ right? Isn't NZ on the Prime Minister system?
I personally like the sound of "SN4PM" myself... ;)

San Nakji said...

Well, you see Darin, San Nakji is running for President of Korea... It's a long story. Maybe I will tell it one of these days.

Darin said...

Is that even legally possible?

San Nakji said...

well, yes it is... for me

Oricon Ailin said...

Aren't the holidays the time to over eat and feel bloated for weeks afterward?? heheh I ate WAY too much yesterday...and I know this week is gonna be nothing but eating leftovers and such. Then this weekend will be filled with more food. It seems like all I do is eat. Ah's the holidays. After the New Year, I'm back to exercise and eating better. Until then...I'm gonna be happy.

Friar Tuck said...

On one hand...Sharon is a big boy.

That is one reason why I like him...a true FAT MAN DONE GOOD STORY.

Also...lets remember he is 77. A lot of thin joggers have heart attacks in their 50s.

Still this is a cautionary tale.