Friday, December 02, 2005

Last Weekend

Last Sunday morning was one of the greatest times in my life of sport. Our New Zealand rugby league team, the Kiwis, beat Australia, the Kangaroos, in the final of the tri-series in Leeds, England. This was the first time we had beaten Australia in a series in 52 years, a little longer than I have been alive. Rugby league fans in this country have had to put up with misery for half a century as our big brother to the west always seemed to get the better of us.
Well, I can proudly say, NO LONGER! The Kiwis are the best team in the world, YES!

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

the kiwis vs the kangaroos...hahahah ;b

The Archivist said...

Screw you, my New Zealander cousin. ;-)

San Nakji said...

Thank you by brother ;o)