Friday, December 16, 2005

Science and Religion

I was looking around for my animal of the day (more on that later) when I came across a website which proceeded to give proof about creationism. Now, I am sure you will have realised by now if you are any kind of reader of my blog, that I am not much for religion. I am quite keen on science and so this whole intelligent design thing has got me quite annoyed. Now, I am not against creationism per se. You can believe that if you want to. You can believe the world is flat, the sky is green, the moon landing was faked (that one I believe!) whatever you want. What I cannot accept is creationism or intelligent design being put forward as a science. Nope, will not accept this. The basic premise of science is that it must be open to scrutiny and constant testing. id therefore not be a science as when it comes down to it, God is the answer. Since we can neither prove nor disprove God, there can be no testing or scrutiny as it comes down to faith. Pure and simple. If you don't want to believe in Evolution, that's fine. Just tell your kids that it's not true. It is not a major part of the science cirricullum, so don't worry about it. The evidence put forward seems plausible when first thought about, but in the end there is only one answer and this is why it is most definitely not a science.
This stupid website, I won't link to it as it's not worth it, talks about rennaissance scientists as though they were the end of science. Not one 20th century or 21st century scientist is mentioned... Anyway, the website talks about the flood. Can someone tell me if Noah put all the New Zealand birds on his boat please? If not, why are they alive? If so, how did they get to NZ? Half of them can't even fly... Did he put our native insects on the boat too?
Sorry for the rant. This is definitely not an attack on religion, just on those who equate creationism with science.

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

The whole Noah's ark story, yes a story, is nothing more than jews' spin on mesopotamian folk lore.
Yes there's place for creationism/bible in schools, in english literature classes.

Oricon Ailin said...

As religious and spiritual as I am, I agree with you, SN. I don't believe creationism should be taught in schools. enroll your child in a Christian school. That is another thing all together.

BUT...I am the is something that must be proved. Faith is not something that can be proved. So, therefore, why should it be taught in school? Now, if you want to take a religion class and discuss this all you want, then fine.

NOW...please don't bash me for saying all this. I wholeheartedly believe in Christianity and the Bible, and this is by no means a way for me to diss those things. I just believe there is a place and time for everything. School should not be teaching religion and faith, that is what the church is for.

The Archivist said...

My Religion teacher (at a Catholic high school no less) said the Bible was the greatest work of fiction on Earth.

He said: God only created Adam and Eve. They had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. Cain was then sent away by God into another part of the country where he met another woman and laid with her. Now, where did that woman come from?

What do you all make of that?

San Nakji said...

Personally, if I were to be a Christian, I doubt I would give the Old Testament much of a look in. It is a little hard to believe...